Lia diamond tablet with body lotion and body gel(promo+ Free 5 Sachets)

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Lia Diamond body lotion lightens and regenerates skin cells.It also strengthens collagen and elastin for softer and lighter looking skin. Vitamin E paired with premium ingredient glutathione for all skin.Lia diamond is an advanced skin fairness formula with 1700mg of L – Glutathione complex for maximum increase in serum glutathione with gives maximum fairness and lightens skin tone.Lia Body gel has regenerative power over skin tissue and thus regular usage ensures that your skin remains soft and smooth while keeping it toned and firmed.


Lia Diamond body lotion; Glutathione Vitamin E.Lia Diamond Tablet; Glutathione 500mg, Vitamin C, Marine Collagen, Grapes Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract.Lia Body gel ;Aloe Vera , Olive Oil , Almond Oil

How to use

Lia Diamond body lotion; generously over your skin and massage well for the best result use twice a day. Diamond Tablet one capsule per day after meals. Lia Body gel; Apply gently on the thoroughly cleaned area of the body. For best result use 2 to 3 times per day.




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